The Heroines

Praise for The Heroines

"On a picturesque acreage near Prairie Bluff, Illinois, thirteen-year-old Penny Entwhistle and her mother, Anne-Marie, run a retreat where literary Heroines seek temporary refuge from their tragic destinies. Franny Glass, Madame Bovary, Scarlett O'Hara, Catherine Earnshaw, and others find respite from their varied cries, but must return to their books eventually and suffer the fate that awaits...Favorite offers a fun take on the impact literature can have on our lives." -- Publishers Weekly

“By not explaining too much, Eileen Favorite keeps the conceit neat and droll and produces a surprising debut novel.”—The Guardian (London)

“Eileen Favorite’s THE HEROINES is a magnificent mix of teenage angst, literary homage and the supernatural.”—New Zealand Listener

“An intelligent understanding of literature and feminism…Favorite handles drastic plot twists impressively…Funny and energetic.” —Library Journal


Although a true lover of books, Anne-Marie Entwhistle prefers not to read to her spirited daughter, Penny, especially from the likes of Madame Bovary, Gone With the Wind, or The Scarlet Letter. These novels, devoted to the lives of the Heroines that make them so irresistible, have a way of hitting too close to home -- well, to the Homestead actually, where Anne-Marie runs the quaint family-owned bed and breakfast.

In this enchanting debut novel, Penny and her mother encounter great women from classic works of literature who make the Homestead their destination of choice just as the plots of their tumultuous, unforgettable stories begin to unravel. They appear at all hours of the day and in all manners of distress. A lovesick Madame Bovary languishes in their hammock after Rodolphe has abandoned her, and Scarlett O'Hara's emotions are not easily tempered by tea and eiderdowns. These visitors long for comfort, consolation, and sometimes for more attention than the adolescent Penny wants her mother to give.

Eileen Favorite's lively, fresh, and enormously entertaining novel gives readers a chance to experience their favorite Heroines all over again, or introduces these fictional women so beguilingly that further acquaintance will surely follow. Narrated by the courageous and irreverent Penny, The Heroines will make book lovers rejoice.