lectures & workshops


I’m available to schools, universities, and writing groups to instruct and lecture on these topics.


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Craft workshops

I’ve taught workshops as a visiting lecturer and as a conference attendee on topics such as these:

Writing Dynamic Dialogue-We discuss the do’s and don’ts of making dialogue that cuts to the chase and moves your story forward.

Making the Scene—Learn how to dramatize your scenes by centering your characters in conflict.

Backstory: Seamless Weaving—How much backstory is too much? How much is too little? I’ll illuminate the shortcuts and tricks of fine writers who know how to weave the past and present action into a seamless narrative. Feature 2

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I’ve taught humanities courses at the School of the Art Institute for 20 years. Contact me if these subjects would be of interest to your school, reading group, or company.

  • Love the Art, Hate the Artist-By discussing the works of famous artists and writers, I will elucidate the pitfalls and quagmires of trying to separate the art from the often problematic artist. Possible artists covered: Picasso, Lillian Hellman, Sylvia Plath, JD Salinger.

  • Irish Literature—I love to discuss my ancestral land’s literature, whether ancient Celts or depressed Joyceans. Finding the links between the fiery pagans and the contemporary heathens is pure joy.

  • Starting a Business Group for Writers—Interested in how Her Chapter developed, I can guide you toward organizing a group and